Independence Day July 4th 1776

These Inalienable Rights are core to our American way of life. This weekend, take a few minutes to read or re-read the Declaration of Independence and reflect on what it means to …

For Physician Leaders – C-Suite Conversations On Being Recruited – Win with a Vision Statement

MedCV C-Suite INSIDER Conversations: Dr. Elsie Koh, MD, founder of LEAD Physician, talks with MedCV CEO Niels Andersen and PLC-Network CEO Kurt Scott about how to set yourself apart from the competition by creating a Vision Statement.

For Physician Leaders – On Being Recruited – Part Two – Win with a Vision Statement

MedCV CEO Niels Andersen collaborated with Kurt Scott and Elsie Koh, MD on Part 2 of this Being Recruited series – this “How-To” article and template gives you…

For Physician Leaders – On Being Recruited

Kurt Scott and Elsie Koh, MD wrote a valuable “How To” article on what you should be prepared to do to be in the top 3 finalists for your next leadership job. The steps and tips they share are essential and a short “Must” read.