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MedCV Paycheck Protection Program Tips

Paycheck Protection Program Version 2.0 is Now Open, Timing to Submit is Critical – Do Not Wait

The $284 billion PPP2 refundable loan offering is now available for struggling small businesses, including medical practices.

Your banker will likely be overwhelmed with requests for information and help in processing applications but don’t take the chance of you falling through the cracks – CALL THEM! Expect a bit of chaos and confusion though as everyone…

Physician Practice Management – Mergers and Acquisitions Has Been Impacted by COVID-19, But Maybe Not as Much as You Think

Goodbye 2020, hello 2021! Never was a year-end more celebrated than 2020, and with that end, 2021 is finally upon us. 2021 is a year of optimism and hope, a year of great opportunity. If you were considering selling your group or practice before pandemic hit, or you are now, we would like to share a couple of timely insights and ideas…

Past, Present, and Future of Teams Working Remotely

Two friends are making a difference with their inspiration and innovation, thought I would share.

First, Brian Jones recently posted a short one and a half minute inspiring video that puts what “Great Teams” do when facing adversity and uncertainty. Though I can’t explain exactly how it made me feel other than to say, it reminded me of our innate human ability to …


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