Part 7 of 12 – Deploy these lean staffing tools to improve service and reduce costs – Here is How

Apart from provider compensation, workforce staffing is typically the largest single contributor to expenses in the physician enterprise. Accordingly, prudent management requires continuous vigilance over this resource. Two areas of resource management are required, staffing levels and…

Part 6 of 12 – Multiply Revenue by Being a Leader in Value-Based Care – Here is How

CMS has recognized the need to focus on preventing periods of acute illness as well as promoting health and wellness. As a result, they have…

Looking for a Safe Place to Practice?

It’s a privilege to include TACHC as one of MedCV’s Top Employer Partners and to support them in their mission. Take a minute to see and hear why Dr. Adrian Billings is…

Part 5 of 12 – 4 Problems that lead to Low Patient Volume and Your Physician Income – Here is How to Fix it

The problem can be attributed to several factors, including limited …

MedCV CEO Fox News Interview about the USS Bonhomme Richard Fire

Sunday morning July 12, 2020 began with an explosion and fire aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard at the US Naval Base in San Diego.

Part 4 of 12 – Stop Under-Coding and Over-Coding – Here is How

If your practice is below benchmark on this ratio there are two possible causes. One cause is…

Part 3 of 12 – Billing Transparency -Optimizing both Patient Collections & Satisfaction – Here is How

There are two groups of patients covered within this opportunity. The first are patients with…

Part 2 of 12 – Maximize your Payer Collection Rate – Here is How

12 Part Series: MedCV Practice Financial Management – Insights & Tips You Need to Know About to Quickly Maximize Your Income Tip 2 of 12 – Net Insurance Collection Rate Insurance Revenue Cycle Management:a. Assessment: Flawless revenue cycle management is essential for financial sustainability. Success in revenue cycle management is dependent on the effective executionContinue reading “Part 2 of 12 – Maximize your Payer Collection Rate – Here is How”

New more relaxed PPP forgiveness requirements passed

Extension for spending Paycheck Protection Program money Reform Bill passes making it easier for recipients of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding to qualify for forgiveness of the loans. Extends from eight weeks to 24 weeks the time to spend funds Lowers to 60% from 75% the portion borrowers must spend on payroll (including salary, healthContinue reading “New more relaxed PPP forgiveness requirements passed”

Get Your Patients Back! Practices Must Communicate with Their Patients

Getting Back to Normal During COVID-19 Getting your practice back to normal in the times of COVID-19 will be a challenge. If you’re ready to invite your patients to come back in, well-planned communications will be the key to success. Almost certainly you need to step up efforts to communicate to your patients and craftContinue reading “Get Your Patients Back! Practices Must Communicate with Their Patients”