New more relaxed PPP forgiveness requirements passed by the House

Senate and administration also back an extension for spending Paycheck Protection Program money The U.S. House approved legislation Thursday making it easier for recipients of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding to qualify for forgiveness of the loans. Extends from eight weeks to 24 weeks the time to spend funds. Senate may only double spending periodContinue reading “New more relaxed PPP forgiveness requirements passed by the House”

New: Create Multiple Readiness Emergency Response Profile’s in Your MedCV Vault

Now you can have a “situation based” unique Emergency Response Profile for each category of disaster(s) you might be interested in responding to. For instance, you might be interested in helping in the aftermath of a hurricane for $200/hour but if you were willing to help during a chemical or biological terrorist attack, understandably youContinue reading “New: Create Multiple Readiness Emergency Response Profile’s in Your MedCV Vault”

Re-Launch Tips From Quint –

MedCV Practice Management Tips This short video from Quint Studer should be watched by every physician, physician leader, and those in those hospital leadership. It’s a great reminder of what we all should be doing right now to prepare to “Re-Launch” our practices, hospitals, and businesses. It’s frankly also great to hear Quint talk aboutContinue reading “Re-Launch Tips From Quint –”

Refinancing Now Could Help With Cashflow More Than You Think

With rates near historic lows, refinancing could help cut down on personal and commercial mortgage payments and help relieve financial stress. Plus, you may ALSO be able to preserve much needed cash because you could be saving 1-2 payments as you go through the process. If you think now is the right time to refinance,Continue reading “Refinancing Now Could Help With Cashflow More Than You Think”

Has Your Team Stepped Up to Do Everything They Can to Help During this Crisis? Have You?

Has Your Team Stepped Up to Do Everything They Can to Help? If Not, You are Probably Very Frustrated! 
Here are a few great tips from Quint Studer about “Staff Working From Home Expectations,” and then our thoughts about what to do if …

Coronavirus Fraud Increasing

You are probably aware that fraud related to COVID-19 is increasing. Attached is a flyer outlining the types of fraud observed by our banking friends at Synovus. One of the primary means that fraudsters are using is targeted “spear-phishing” emails in which they attempt to gain access to your funds through staff who handle transfers andContinue reading “Coronavirus Fraud Increasing”

Update Your Emergency Response Profile

The new Emergency Response Profile (ERP) Tab in the “My Credentials” section of the MedCV Vault is now LIVE! This is where you can “Raise Your Hand” to announce your interest in Serving in a time of need. By updating your ERP, we can communicate with you quickly. You can customize the types of events you are interested in and your availabilityContinue reading “Update Your Emergency Response Profile”

6 Short Videos – How MedCV is helping during this COVID crisis

So much more to share about the things we are doing with MedCV than what we had time for during our Fox News interview with Arthell Neville.  We created a series of 6 short videos to provide more information about how our technology can support this healthcare crisis. Here is the link to these videosContinue reading “6 Short Videos – How MedCV is helping during this COVID crisis”

MedCV on Fox News

MedCV founder and CEO, Niels Andersen (Former Navy Corpsman) and MedCV Physician Advisory Board member Mark Goto, MD, CAPT, USN (ret) interviewed by Arthell Neville on the Fox News show, America’s News Headquarters. Niels and Mark discussed how MedCV has stepped up to the plate to help reach, curate, and link their member physicians andContinue reading “MedCV on Fox News”

Great Example & Message

Anticipating a surge of COVID-19 patients, Dr. Karin DiBari says now is not the time to let down your guard. This is a great example of a short video to your patients. Karin is the Chief Physician Executive at Peninsula Regional Medical Group and on our MedCV Physician Advisory Board. If you haven’t created aContinue reading “Great Example & Message”