Update Your Emergency Response Profile

The new Emergency Response Profile (ERP) Tab in the “My Credentials” section of the MedCV Vault is now LIVE! This is where you can “Raise Your Hand” to announce your interest in Serving in a time of need. By updating your ERP, we can communicate with you quickly. You can customize the types of events you are interested in and your availabilityContinue reading “Update Your Emergency Response Profile”

6 Short Videos – How MedCV is helping during this COVID crisis

So much more to share about the things we are doing with MedCV than what we had time for during our Fox News interview with Arthell Neville.  We created a series of 6 short videos to provide more information about how our technology can support this healthcare crisis. Here is the link to these videosContinue reading “6 Short Videos – How MedCV is helping during this COVID crisis”

MedCV on Fox News

MedCV founder and CEO, Niels Andersen (Former Navy Corpsman) and MedCV Physician Advisory Board member Mark Goto, MD, CAPT, USN (ret) interviewed by Arthell Neville on the Fox News show, America’s News Headquarters. Niels and Mark discussed how MedCV has stepped up to the plate to help reach, curate, and link their member physicians andContinue reading “MedCV on Fox News”

Great Example & Message

Anticipating a surge of COVID-19 patients, Dr. Karin DiBari says now is not the time to let down your guard. This is a great example of a short video to your patients. Karin is the Chief Physician Executive at Peninsula Regional Medical Group and on our MedCV Physician Advisory Board. If you haven’t created aContinue reading “Great Example & Message”

MedCV Emergency Medical Response Readiness – All Former Military: Corpsmen and Medics – Your Country May Need You Again

If you are interested in using your former US Military Medic skills in response to the COVID pandemic, create your MedCV Credentials Vault account. In response to this national and global pandemic, the MedCV Physician, VetCV Veterans Advisory Boards and leadership made the decision to open the MedCV Credentialing and Career platform to all former military corpsmen and medics.Continue reading “MedCV Emergency Medical Response Readiness – All Former Military: Corpsmen and Medics – Your Country May Need You Again”

Meet TACHC! A Top Employer Partner!

The Texas Association of Community Health Centers, Inc. (TACHC) is Hiring! TACHC is a private, non-profit membership association that represents Texas safety-net health care providers. TACHC is the federally-designated primary care association for the state and is the link between federal, state and local entities providing health care for Texas’ most vulnerable populations. TACHC’s Recruitment andContinue reading “Meet TACHC! A Top Employer Partner!”

Practice Updates You Need To Know About Today

Practice in other states: With a license in good standing, you can now help qualified communities in other states. Make sure you update the My Credentials feature of your MedCV Vault so you can quickly share with a facility if needed. Practice From Home: Feds have lifted HIPPA related regs allowing you to use your phone for telehealth. CMS will reimburseContinue reading “Practice Updates You Need To Know About Today”

MedCV Physician Network- Clinical Resource Update: Coronavirus

No Vaccine to Prevent 2019-nCoV Infection is Available Yet, Prevention is Key The best way to prevent infection is to avoid being exposed to this virus. Dr. Brad Jensen, MD compiled the latest information practitioners need to know as well as a Sample Patient Education Form about Prevention you can use in your practice immediately. Click to down load or log in to yourContinue reading “MedCV Physician Network- Clinical Resource Update: Coronavirus”