MedCV on Fox News

Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 20.14.31MedCV founder and CEO, Niels Andersen (Former Navy Corpsman) and MedCV Physician Advisory Board member Mark Goto, MD, CAPT, USN (ret) interviewed by Arthell Neville on the Fox News show, America’s News Headquarters.Fox-ANH

Niels and Mark discussed how MedCV has stepped up to the plate to help reach, curate, and link their member physicians and other clinical healthcare professionals to organizations that urgently need them to help in the fight against COVID19, all at the speed of technology.

As a public service, any healthcare organization can post their urgent needs, even staging jobs, at no charge on MedCV. Organizations can post position HERE

In a statement, Andersen said, ” we are just doing our part as a small tech company with a big footprint to help – Make America “Safe” Again.”

Published by Niels Andersen

Founder and CEO of KontactIntelligence, MedCV, VetCV, and VeritasHealthCare. 40 Years in healthcare, 20 years in healthcare tech supporting Government and commercial health systems, physicians, as well as Veterans and their families throughout the US.

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