MedCV Radio Interviews Across the US

In the last 3 weeks, MedCV Founder, Niels Andersen has been interviewed on the radio in 7 US markets with the most recent in Harrisonburg VA with WSVA on the Mike Schikman Show on April 21st.

It appears that what we have been doing here at MedCV in the fight against COVID19 has caught the media winds across the country. During the first week of February, the MedCV team began thinking about how our tech capabilities could help with rapid and direct communications and processing of information to create a medical readiness talent pool of physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and ultimately, even nurses, technicians, and former military medics that “Raised Their Hands” announcing they were willing and able to deploy wherever needed. Well, we did it and the results didn’t disappoint us!

Fortunately, the medical army we amassed, have not been needed as of yet. As we now begin to focus our attention to how we help our MedCV network re-start their practices with lessons learned and a few ideas, tools, and resources they might find useful.

Previous radio interviews:

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