Coronavirus Fraud Increasing

You are probably aware that fraud related to COVID-19 is increasing. Attached is a flyer outlining the types of fraud observed by our banking friends at Synovus. One of the primary means that fraudsters are using is targeted “spear-phishing” emails in which they attempt to gain access to your funds through staff who handle transfers and other financial transactions. MedCV and Synovus are committed to joining you in the fight to protect your practice. In addition to details on fraud pulled together by Synovus, they also included products that can help mitigate fraud risks in the flyer.  We encourage you to ask your bank what resources they have available to you right now. If Synovus can help you, we suggest contacting Alan.

How to Detect “Bad Actors”

Below are two quick 1 page scan PDF’s with info you and your staff need to know. Compliments of Synovus:

Alan Nickelsen
Executive Vice President Commercial Banking Manager
Pensacola, FL

Published by Niels Andersen

Founder and CEO of KontactIntelligence, MedCV, VetCV, and VeritasHealthCare. 40 Years in healthcare, 20 years in healthcare tech supporting Government and commercial health systems, physicians, as well as Veterans and their families throughout the US.

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