MedCV CEO Fox News Interview about the USS Bonhomme Richard Fire

Niels Andersen, CEO of MedCV and it’s sister company VetCV, interviewed by Fox News anchor Eric Shawn

Sunday morning July 12, 2020 began with an explosion and fire aboard the USS Bonhomme Richard at the US Naval Base in San Diego. Now more than 24 hours later, nearly 60 people have been treated with minor injuries and 5 remain hospitalized as the fire continues.

Shortly after the explosion, Fox News anchor Eric Shawn interviewed MedCV CEO, Niels Andersen. Niels began his career as a Navy Corpsman and continues his commitment to support our nation’s Veterans and their families through a sister company of MedCV, VetCV.

VetCV is a Web App created by Veterans, for Veterans, providing Active Military, Veterans, and their families with a secure, safe, online Vault to help deliver “Life” tools and resources we can all use as we move through life’s next adventures. Families, caregivers, and patriots are encouraged to create their own VetCV Vault not only to support their Veteran, but also for themselves.

“We were interviewed on Fox News by anchor Arthel Neville in April about how the MedCV technology platform was helping physicians with credentialing, emergency licensure, and building a pool of physicians and advanced practice providers that would be willing and able to deploy to hot zones if needed. We also opened up the platform to former military medics because no one knew how bad it was going to get” said Andersen.

Niels Andersen,
President & CEO
MedCV, VetCV, & KontactIntelligence

“I think they reached out to me simply because of my military background and what they knew about the efforts with MedCV and VetCV” continued Andersen. “Or I may have just been the first person they could reach on a Sunday!” No matter the reason, Niels was honored to have been asked to share his thoughts.

“It’s a like fighting a 20 story fire with half the building under water plus the added risk of fuel ignition even though I suspect much of the fuel supply for the ship and aircraft had been removed while undergoing maintenance. Fortunately there was apparently no munitions on board to worry about.”

Image for a moment being dangerously close to the heat of the flames, knowing that there could be more explosions, deciding to take the chance to go back to make sure no one was left behind, your mind is racing to make sure your brothers and sisters remain safe while in this fight together… that’s America!

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