New: Create Multiple Readiness Emergency Response Profile’s in Your MedCV Vault

WIlling & Able

Now you can have a “situation based” unique Emergency Response Profile for each category of disaster(s) you might be interested in responding to. For instance, you might be interested in helping in the aftermath of a hurricane for $200/hour but if you were willing to help during a chemical or biological terrorist attack, understandably you may need to be paid a lot more to adjust for the risk you may face!

Now create a unique profile for each of the categories of you are interested in.

MedCV Emergency Response Profile
Screenshot of the new multi-ERP category abilities

Your MedCV ERP profile(s) info will enable MedCV to alert you to a need so you can connect with the organization in need if you choose to.

Just log into your MedCV Vault, go to My Credentials, then click on the Emergency Response Tab to add/update your your ERP profile so we can alert those that are Willing and Able if the need arises.

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